The rhythm of contemporary life dictates the necessity to accelerate industrial processes as well as to increase flexibility and reliability of control systems.

Moreover, the majority of equipment has sufficient endurance to increase productivity, as some 10-20 years ago, design engineers had to create enhanced durability and power due to the primitive control systems of that time.

The intellectual control system allows using equipment at the breaking point of its mechanistic potential at the same time not exceeding its limit values. Just a little update in the automatics field can considerably increase the volume and efficiency of production and shorten the downtime because of control systems malfunction. The expenses derived from downtime, production faults, and remuneration of labour can be comparable to the equipment modernization costs.

The SBA Service company was created to solve the afore-mentioned problems.

The professionals of the firm carry out project work, manufacture, modernisation, installation and maintenance of the control systems. Since 2001, vast experience has been gained in upgrading production, the phased replacement of equipment, and replacement of individual elements with more advanced counterparts. SBA primarily uses components from suppliers such as Siemens, Rittal and Phoenix Contact, whose exceptional product quality is recognised both in Europe and around the world.