SBA Service is an engineering bureau offering a full production cycle of Automated Process Control Systems.

Founded in 2001 by the professionals having a vast working experience in the field of integrating various types of equipment in the single process control systems; today, SBA Service has carried out projects in France, Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia. The equipment made in our enterprise can be seen working even in China.

Systematic approach in assignment solution, profound knowledge of technology, and a wide practical experience of our employees makes it possible to use innovative technology even in conservative, problematic. and low-budget projects. For our enterprise, an interesting engineering task or a challenge matters more than the commercial component of the project.

The ultimate aim of our activity is unmanned enterprises, such as effluent treatment facilities, water supply systems, or monitoring of power supply; or enterprises controlled by one person, such as wood conversion, production of fuel pellets from wood conversion residue.

Since 2006, a modular system in production of automatic control systems has been successfully implemented. The modules integrated into sea containers significantly increase the quality of products and considerably decrease the period of construction.

While your equipment keeps working round the clock 365 days a year, You can peacefully discuss next projects having a cup of coffee.